Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Polish migrants in the UK

We have an interest in Polish legal matters and it would seem there is a complete lack of information for Poles who come to live and work in the UK.

I have come across a new blog which highlights the issues facing Polish migrants in the uk and also this Polish information blog it is good to see the advice gap being filled for the (unofficial total) 750,000 ex pats working in this country.

You have to work in the industry with Polish nationals to realise just how badly treated they are in this country. Whilst you can understand some of the obvious problems that would arise when being domiciled in a foreign land, in the majority of cases we find that clients are abused at work by unscrupulous bosses and then at home by dodgy landlords.

Thats 21st century Britain for you. Aint it just great...!

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