Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MOJ RTA Process Shambles ... Part II

Charged with setting up the user account on the new RTA Portal for our firm, I was hugely excited to see a long awaited email pop up in my inbox from the IT administrators for the MOJ new scheme, Polaris UK Ltd.

My excitement was soon tempered by the fact that the email suggested I had to call them to receive my new password. I knew what this would entail - a wild goose chase and many minutes on hold waiting for a pleb to tell me they are inundated and too busy to help at this stage.

I was right.

I spent 50 minutes on hold waiting for these tossers to pull their finger out, only to then be cut off.

As if to rub my nose in it they have also decided to call the portal website

RAPID claims settlement...? I mean come on, a sense of humour is one thing but this is just taking the piss.

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Linda said...

I have had the same experience. I cant actually get on to the portal so this leaves me wondering what the hell is going to happen to costs!?!? who knows The Insurers have been informed in the "old fashioned way" and they seem to be taking full advantage of losing letters even though they have been faxed, emailed and posted! rapid claims - they need to seriously re-think their logo! perhaps TIT would be more appropriate Tossers in transit!