Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rapid Claims MOJ Portal Update

Allow me to continue venting my spleen regarding the shambles that is the MOJ RTA claims portal.

Now that we are finally using the damn thing we have identified the following (additional) flaws:

- The system looks like a 1980's intranet for a crap university

- There are no filters whatsoever on the data columns

- No clickable / sortable fields

- No reporting mechanisms (in other words to extract data for management information)

- Bizarre referencing with half the screen taken up with meaningless process id numbers

- No user instruction manuals (we really dont have these)

- The insurers when you speak to the claims handlers, have very little idea of what they are doing

- Insurer backlogs are increasing as a result

As if all this wasnt enough, word has it that certain insurers are going hell for eather trying to settle claims inside the first window minimising costs to £400 + vat.

More misery updates to follow no doubt

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