Friday, July 13, 2007

Wet weather claims

Whilst this summer is truly the worst most people can remember for wet weather, there is a flip side to the deluge. This will really piss some people off but its not bad news for every one - certainly not for injury lawyers.

We have seen a rise in slipping accidents (in shops in particular) and road accidents. Usually you would expect these claims to peak around November-February when winter weather is at its worse. This years mild winter led to a quiet spell during this period but now we are inundated with extra claims that usually you just wouldnt expect.

In the last week alone weve had 6 new supermarket slippers (wet floors, no matting and no signage) 5 rear end shunts and 3 motorcycle accidents on wet surfaces.

There again, on a personal level, my summer so far has been a disaster.

My kids cant play out, all outdoor events including sprts day have been cancelled. Last week our village summer fayre was postponed and this weekend we were hoping for a daytrip to the seaside. Now because of the forecast we are off to the cinema instead.

Truly miserable.

I knew things would go pear shaped following the best Easter weather ever. It was too good to be true.