Friday, June 25, 2010

MOJ Portal Misery

This is getting silly now

This week we have unearthed the following gremlins and black holes within the MOJ Portal:

There is NO mechanism within the portal process to deal with Pre Medical offers - no one thought to tell the MOJ planning team about the insurers tactic of making daft offers early on to settle claims quickly and cheaply. Such offers are outside of the overriding objective of the portal process yet the tactic is widely adopted by insurers. If your client accepts a pre-med offer the system doesnt allow you to settle formally (save sending a memo or notification). This settlement method may account for 10% of cases as insurers throw money at clients early and also offer to pay stage 1 & 2 costs to boot.

Did no one think of this..?

The 2nd major headache this week has been the constantly populating "unlocked" worklist which means that our team of registered users all receive the same items of post (notifications) through the portal. You cannot lock a case completely to a user - the system unlocks it once the other side are active and communicate with you. The MOJ team didnt think we would need complete file ownership. This makes no sense whatsoever. Its like your post room staff walking into your office and distributing the same letters to everyone at the same time leaving them to work out which item belongs to them.

Finally this weeks trauma was increased markedly by a portal helpdesk team consisting entirely of overly emotional teenage dimwits. I say emotional because generally they are by the time weve finished with them. Dont bother emailing the helpdesk - you will not get a reply. Instead if you have an MOJ Portal problem you must ring them and ask to speak to a senior member of staff. It really is the only way to get any sense out of these people.

In summary, 2 months in - its as bad as bad can be.

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