Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sweet September - Oh how I love thee...!

September really is a fantastic month for personal injury business.

The season starts tomorrow with all the kids back to school, holidays a distant memory and people focusing on the important things in life ie: compensation and redress.

Aside form the immediacy of the claims that arise from road accidents where generally you find people signing up with lawyers pretty quickly, many other areas of the personal injury market can be subject to seasonal trends.

If for example you are looking to make a claim for a work related injury, the case is of course made against the employer so if you are going to ruffle feathers you might want to get your holiday out of the way first. If you have a medical negligence case, you may prefer to get your timing right and get the kids to school before launching into what could be a very strenuous and emotive exercise.

In many other scenarios people tend to park their problems during the summer months.

Divorce is a classic cyclical area of law that suddenly bursts into life post Christmas and post summer holiday season.

Now I know I shouldnt rub my hands with glee at the misery people endure prior to asking for help, thats really not it. We are ostensibly in the misery business - accept this and dont pretend otherwise.

The fact is that most law firms that are not on the Trade Union or insurer gravy trains have good periods and bad periods during the year. We are about to enter a good spell and I for one am ready to make hay.

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