Friday, December 22, 2006

Break in!

The other night my house was broken into. Back door lock barrell was snapped in half and knocked thru ( a process which takes 30 seconds apparently) but they failed to release the lock and so instead threw a brick through my kitchen window.

My pooch was in the next room happily snoozing whilst I got robbed. Good job I love the bitch

Never encountered this situation before and so absolutely shat myself on the night. Its pretty scary stuff when you are the ones affected. Apprently they saw my car keys hidden behind the fridge - you can see them from one of the kitchen windows. How stupid am I?

Ive since learned that the average lock on the average door is useless unless it is of a specific design and unless your door also has secondary security accessories such as sash jammers or mortice type locks.

I dont want to worry anyone (and its not a well read blog so the ripple this causes will be modest to say the least!!) but the chances are that your house is pretty vulnerable.

These tossbags do not care about alarms. They will break in and risk capture without a second thought. They will kick your door in or break the lock and Ive seen how easy it is to do the latter. Then they'll run for the hills and you either smack them or let them escape.

Its a terrifying ordeal

There are two things I would recommend to anyone who might wish to improve their security

1) Fit "snapsafe" lock barrells which cannot be snapped in half like the standard lock. Instead they break in layers so that the internal lock remains intact.

2) Fit Sash Jammers - even if the fuckers get thru the lock they wont get in with these babies fitted.

Its the doors that you should worry about not the windows. Start with the door and then fix the rest. Dont be a victim like I very nearly was.

Here's some more tips from relevant webpages:

Oh - and a merry christmas to all!!

(I feel better already now Ive blogged and got this off my chest)

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