Thursday, January 18, 2007

Decent legal websites

Aa little birdy tells me that I received a mention from Delia Venables of via her monthly newsletter. In return Im happy to provide alink to probably one the best UK legal websites out there.

Its a site that covers everything under the sun that comes under the "legal" banner. Take a look if you have a moment

This got me thinking about other USEFUL rather than self serving legal websites. There aint that many in all fairness.

A few more candidates would be: - which is a great selection of links on similar lines to the venables project - the CLS FAQ pages are also pretty decent on the subjects covered - legal services commission website - the official CAB site has always been a good one for general info. No more than you would expect really - Not a bad selection of useful links. Looks a bit directory-ish but works well enough for general legal info

Most of the rest are selling something whether it be their own services, legal documents or google ads.

Any more worthy of a mention?


Tessa said...

What is wrong with trying to earn a living via the internet? I run an online legal information service ( There is some free content but naturally I expect to earn some money from it. Otherwise what is the point of spending all those years studying to be a lawyer? Why should I be expected to give it all away just because it is on the internet?

The internet is just another way of delivering services, one which is often more convenient for people who do not have time to visit solicitors but need help and advice.

You say 'self serving legal websites' as if seeking payment for legal work done via the internet is somehow wrong. In which case your firm is also 'self serving' because you charge for your services rather than do everything pro bono. All business are to a certain extent 'self serving' because we all want to earn a living. Why is this all right if done face to face but something to be sneered at if done via the internet?

legalspy said...

Hi Tessa
Thanks for chiming in

Sorry you took my post the wrong way.

I was thinking about and trying to compile a list of legal info websites with NO CATCHES or subscriptions. I see such sites as a huge benefit to the web and to UK webusers

I also see great benefits from paid / subscription based services such as your platform. In fact the practice I work for generates 80% of business thru the web.

So you see Tessa there is nothing wrong with earning your crust thru the web and you shouldnt be so touchy about my use of the words "self serving".

Your site is self serving but that doesnt make it inappropriate. You just got me wrong

>>You say 'self serving legal websites' as if seeking payment for legal work done via the internet is somehow wrong<<

I think you need to grow a thicker skin my dear

And thanks for your site link by the way - I am in fact a Landlord and Im sure there' some useful info on there.

I may even subscribe

Tessa said...

Sorry about that. It was a bad morning when I read your post ...

By the way, did you know that you have been tagged?

Anonymous said...
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