Friday, October 02, 2009

Medical negligence claims

A pal of mine works in the grim world of clinical / medical negligence claims. He has asked me to plug his site which I unashamedly am more than happy to do.

I used to work in med claims many years ago and have disturbing memories about the cock ups and generally poor attitude of some of the professional people who work in the NHS.

The NHS is an extremely tough environment and I seriously admire anyone who commits to such a vocational life. The problems lie with the beaurocracy, the snobbishness and laziness of some of the consultants who are more than happy to golf on Fridays rather than do their job because they dont want to screw their weekend. But also in the fact that we in the UK expect everything for nothing.

We should contribute more to our healthcare system and I hope the next government will revisit their long buried plans to seek part paid medical services for those that can afford it. For now they are blustering about other things such as getting elected.

More here from the incoming prime minister:

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