Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Showing your age in the workplace.........how you know you are getting old

Legal Spy is getting a little long in the tooth. Whilst I still feel sprightly and have no worries about reaching middle age, there are times when you wonder whether you are leaving the rest of the world behind.

Top 5 reasons why you can be made to feel OLD in the workplace in 2009:

1) Not Twittering
Dont get it - dont want to get it.

2) Facebook
See reason 1

3) Trainees look like teenagers
Theyre not - usually they are aged 23-25 but they just look like kids nowadays. They also use comments like "cool" when a simple yes would suffice

4) Daft questions
eg: Did you have colour Tvs when you were young?; Did they have driving tests in your day?; Did you need a degree to become a lawyer in the 60s? (bearing in mind I was born in 1966!)

5) Celebs and trendsetters Ive never heard of
Ive always liked a chinwag with my staff and as such like to keep abreast of all things "hip and trendy". But I am seriously losing my grip. I dont know who they are talking about half the time. For example, who the heck is Hannah Montana? Who is Lindsay Lohan and why is she such a bad girl? Then there's La Roux, Lily Allen and a whole list of other names / slebs of which I know nothing.

There is a lot to be said for growing old gracefully and perhaps thats exactly what I need to be doing. Bring back "Top of the Pops" thats what I say

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