Thursday, September 28, 2006

Turkey Twizzlers - Jamie was right about the ingredients

Had a claim passed to me today - propsective client was a little cranky demanding s senior guy etc etc.

His claim involved his son nearly chocking on a turkey twizzler. Now my first impression was that this being a child of 6 years of age, its possible for them to choke on a grain of rice let alone a whole god damn twizzler (have you seen these things - theyre similar to lightly spiced innards). But then the guy dropped the bombshell that his son spat out a 2 inch length of wire.

The kid was ok and quite honestly the claim has no potential for us to win any costs so we couldnt take it on. I gave the guy some advice on the right way to complain and how to kick ass with a bit of bad publicity for the company concerned.

You can forgive the odd quality control mishap which this undoubdetly was but you cant forgive the fact that this product is a disgusting twisted hunk of junk that even your dog would refuse to eat. Metal wire or no - its the worse food on the planet.

When I was a kid we only ate quality food like steak n kidney pie, liver and onions, black pudding, mashed turnip - all washed down with a large glass of full fat milk.

Kids nowadays dont know what they're missin!!

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