Wednesday, September 13, 2006

First let me give you a little background

I love Law
Law has been good to me providing a job for life and a decent salary from the very start of my career.
Law provides comfort and protection for each and everyone of us
Law deserves its place at the very heart of society
Law really is KING as far as I am concerned.

So why am I starting a blog with the intention of spilling the beans on the profession giving the world a view of the legal profession from the inside? What beans could there possibly be to spill and why do they need spilling?

The only answer I can give is pure mischief! This legal world of ours is far too fluffy and perfect. Everything has its place and never is a word said or written without careful consideration and checking by your common or garden senior partner.

Well nothing in life is perfect and lets be honest the Law in the UK certainly aint.

So rather than publish earnestly profound and extremely meaningful debate on the various challenges and issues facing the legal profession - I thought sod it, there's enough crap like that in the Gazette. Ive been around long enough to form my own opinion on life behind the legal (iron) curtain and its about time that there was a law blog out there that people actually found interesting to read and one that poked a stick in the eyes of convention.

All Ive got to do now is think of some controversial comments to fulfil my own hype.

Well here goes........................


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Gavin Whenman said...

Geeklawyer and CharonQC might make interesting reading for you (both blogging lawyers): and