Sunday, January 29, 2012

PM attacks No win No fee lawyers

Our dear old Prime Minister this week decided to have a go at us No win No fee folk by promising to cut legal costs on all personal injury claims below £25,000 in value. 

The plan broadly is to bump all non road accident related claims into a portal or computerised system which will mirror the current RTA system. Costs on RTA claims have been cut back dramatically but so unfortunately has the expertise and the skill applied to the job.

Most decent RTA lawyers have long since jumped ship after the margins got squeezed and ultimately as you automate a process to reduce costs, you de-skill at the expense of the client (customer). Dumb down an process and you end up with only dumb people involved.

There is life in the old PI dog yet but No win no fee work is definitely not what it used to be and big changes are on the way.

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