Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MOJ RTA Claims Portal Update

Its been a while since I last mused on the subject of the MOJ portal.

For the uninitiated this is the new IT claims database that records all new and active RTA personal injury claims valued at £10k and under. Solicitors must intimate all new claims to insurers via the portal and all activity (on cases where liability is not an issue) must be dealt with via the portal based automated system.

We are now more than 6 months in and I have to say that at long last the system is working pretty well. The IT is still abysmal with the worst looking control panel you have ever seen. However once you get over the glitchy-ness and once you get to know who the bad boys are in the insurer world (those muppets who simply have no idea how to deal with this new system and slow track everything to bounce the claims out of MOJ track) the system really does work.

Why..? Well here are some interesting observations:

1. Claims are settling much much quicker
2. Insurers are less inclined to argue the toss over dross (apart from the aforementioned bad boys)
3. Insurers are mostly keeping to the payment arrangements and forking out the £400 within days of admitting liability
4. Most solicitor firms - having gotten over the de-skilling issue - now tend to believe that the system can save them as well as earn them money.
5. Most clients are happy that the above plus points deliver quicker cleaner results and ultimately they get the redress they need in a timely fashion

Still early days but LegalSpy really is a convert. The days of making big bucks in the RTA word are long gone - but the industry is still very much alive. We just work less at the bottom end of the market and more at the top end. Getting the balance right is where your business fail or prosper.

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