Monday, December 21, 2009

Legal Spy Predictions for 2010

This being the time of year for reflection I thought I would set out my thoughts and predictions for 2010. In many ways it is going to be a BIG year for the industry and for the country.

MOJ Fast track RTA reforms will crash and burn
The insurers wont cope with the new regime, plain and simple. There will be a roll out of a revised version of the new process by the autumn

HIPs (Home Information Packs) will die a quick death once the Conservatives win their landslide victory
The system isnt working and every conveyancer / solicitors in the industry knows it. Now that the sales surge following the hibernation period during 2008 is over, the slump will return.

50% of legal work and instructions will begin online.
This year we are reliably informed that up to 38% of legal services readily available to the public were initiated online. This can only increase and long may it continue to do so. The web levels the playing field between the smaller firms and the big firms.

More jobs will go
Think we are out of the recession? If you work in law - think again. Many sectors are going to suffer in 2010. Not least in the RTA personal injury field as the MOJ reforms kick in and the pre-lit process becomes automated. Conveyancing will continue to stagnate. Divorce and Family Law may be the safest bet for an aspiring newcomer.

But here's some good news.....

The Conservatives will win the election
How the hell can they lose it?

England will get to the final of the world cup in the summer
What a fantastic summer it is going to be!

Ed Miliband will become the next leader of the Labour Party
Thats right, Ed not his Mekon like brother David. Ed went down a storm at the Recent Copenhagen Summit and God bless him for trying to save the world if nothing else.

Have a Great Christmas readers.
Its been a tough year but the worst may well be behind us.

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