Sunday, March 23, 2008

Interesting times ahead...??

I have decided after all these years to take a quantum leap into the unknown.

After a career steeped in tradition and loyalty to those who are to be obeyed. Decades of doing a solid job without breaking any rules or really stretching my boundaries. Opting for security and safe career options rather than dangerous or even slightly risky ones - the time has come for a change.

The time has come to live life on the darker side. Break balls. Court controversy at the expense of convention. Take a new path to riches and glory or fall down the pit into hellfire and damnation.

Im talking of course about switching to criminal law.


Im actually talking about starting my own practice - with a little help from my friends. The plan is as follows:

I have enough contacts and marketing know-how to generate decent levels of new business. I do so now and have a proven track record. Im a business generator not just a fee earner

I have a solid financial record / credit history and will have no trouble getting a loan or overdraft to carry me through the diffiult first 12 months

Ive helped grow a new law business before from scratch and have experience of the issues involved

I have a select band of brothers who will join me on this venture. They are younger, cleverer and very very keen to get a slice of practice pie that will almost certainly never be offered elsewhere.

There are one or two other plus points but I wont flog the list to death. In summary - its a goer.

Im piecing together a few more components which will go some way to making my mind up about whether I will actually take a shot at it. Im doing cartwheels regarding the fall out that will occur and the fact that my world will literally change overnight.

Moving from easy street to life in the real world is not going to be easy.

More to follow...


Anonymous said...

He Who Dares Wins, LS - all I can say is, you GO, Mate, and all the very best to you! I look forward to reading about your great leap of carefully considered faith with interest!!

legalspy said...

Cheers for that Minx!

Nearly said...

I'll be watching with great interest. The very best on the start-up.

jmw said...

Best of luck Legal Spy
Its a tough task but so long as work can be brought through the door you wont go hungry

Choose your business partners wisely!

JW - Compensation claims solicitor

Anonymous said...
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