Saturday, December 15, 2007

The party season is upon us!

Every year I provide a snapshot of the goings on at our xmas bash. One thing that can always be guaranteed is that there will be a SCANDAL of some kind involving two people you normally wouldnt expect to misbehave. This year didnt disappoint

But more of that later

My role at these events is always one of crowd control. It comes with the territory nowadays and this is a burden shared by many of my contemporaries. You simply cant let your hair down any more at these events.

That said, you do get to stay scandal free which can be very useful during the coming year.

Here is the scorecard for the night (despite our best efforts)

- 3 vomiting trainees
- 1 fight (well alright a minor scuffle between two aspiring associates)
- 4 very open and steamy snogging sessions
- 2 people making complete asses of themselves trying to paw members of the opposite sex (with an unsuccessful outcome)
- 5 people remonstrated with for abuse of the extremely shortlived "FREE" bar (major no-no)
- 9 people late for work the next day
- 2 stripteases when Sex bomb by Tom Jones came on

Sadly there is one possible sacking following a grope that went badly wrong. The groper thought his actions were appropriate, the victim most certainly did not. Discussions are ongoing but he's got to go in my opinion, it was borderline re police involvement.

In addition to the above there were two quite shocking trysts.

One involving a married partner (a common event) and the other two chaps caught in a cubicle.

The fact that the two chaps were caught at it would not be such a big deal but they were discovered by a senior partner who went for a pee and heard them on the job. "Im not having that sort of thing going on in this practice" came the response. Oh dear..... if only he knew what else was happening on the night!
Id better keep my little scorecard to myself

Have a merry one everybody..... and dont forget, at the xmas party you are always being watched. Take my advice and have your fun elsewhere!!


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and a partridge in a pear tree

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Gossip Queen

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*hic* Mewwie Crisshmath!!

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