Friday, July 13, 2007

Wet weather claims

Whilst this summer is truly the worst most people can remember for wet weather, there is a flip side to the deluge. This will really piss some people off but its not bad news for every one - certainly not for injury lawyers.

We have seen a rise in slipping accidents (in shops in particular) and road accidents. Usually you would expect these claims to peak around November-February when winter weather is at its worse. This years mild winter led to a quiet spell during this period but now we are inundated with extra claims that usually you just wouldnt expect.

In the last week alone weve had 6 new supermarket slippers (wet floors, no matting and no signage) 5 rear end shunts and 3 motorcycle accidents on wet surfaces.

There again, on a personal level, my summer so far has been a disaster.

My kids cant play out, all outdoor events including sprts day have been cancelled. Last week our village summer fayre was postponed and this weekend we were hoping for a daytrip to the seaside. Now because of the forecast we are off to the cinema instead.

Truly miserable.

I knew things would go pear shaped following the best Easter weather ever. It was too good to be true.

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The Physical Culturalist said...

Hello, My name is Shawn. I've enjoyed the cynical realism of your blog. I wonder if I could stomach the fake injury clients. I hope that most law is more honest than that.

May I ask you a legal education question? I'm interested in pursuing a law degree, but am unsure what path to pursue. I have a masters degree already, and hesitate to spend three more years pursuing an LL.B. So I can either get (a) a 'senior entry' LL.B at a proper university, or (b) the GLD and then the LPC at The Law College of England and Wales (which will then award the LLB upon completion of the two courses).

My question is, what path would you recommend? Does it make a considerable difference to potential employers which path a person pursues? Will I doom myself to obscurity if I don't go the university route and do all my education at the College?

Thanks for your help.