Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moving office

What a pain

First comes the arguing over which office you would like to have. Youd be amazed how petty this can get - heirachy dictates the size of your workspace. The more clout you have the bigger the office and the snazzier the furniture.

Some poor sod got placed next to a well used toilet. Plasterboard walls - thin as paper - you get the picture

The further up the ladder you are the less work you do when it comes to the shifting and organising - this bit is nicely delegated

Moving day is a day to arrange meetings - lots of them. Keep out of the way and let things happen around you.

Make sure you take the coffee machine with you - the one that makes those nice lattes and espresso's

If youre a trainee - try a sickie or book a well timed holiday because otherwise your in for a bloody awful time. They dont prep you at Uni for the demeaning task of carrying a tub containing a partners bits n pieces up five flights of stairs. (Removal men are used sparingly in our place!)

One last thought:

When your in the meeting that decides on the move - DO NOT VOLUNTEER to lead the organisation. You will always have a bad experience - makes no difference how adept you are - the shit will at some point hit the fan. Its one thing getting shafted for making a legal error (it can happen to the best of us) but its entirely another to lose career points as a result of the phones or network being offline on the day the move completes.

If it can go wrong - it absolutely will where office moves are concerned

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