Monday, October 09, 2006

Professional negligence

I have the task of setting up the prof neg unit in our firm. God awful job

I am old enough and wise enough to know that this really is the shitty end of the market as far as the legal world is concerned. Raking over the coals looking to slaughter your erstwhile bretheren for a mistake that may possibly have been one you might make yourself. No one is infallible - definitely not in this game.

You do get the odd case though where you simply stare in disbelief at the client whilst they relay the miserable story to you.

I had one like that today. Client had an employment matter and was quoted £2500 to take a case to a tribunal (low by anyones standards) only for this to increase to £15000 on the day before the hearing. The solicitor tried to shaft the client at the eleventh hour and guess what - no client care letter "estimating" costs.


I'll happily rake over these coals because the bastards deserve it

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